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The Larry King Orchestra (LKO) has been servicing the entertainment needs of private event clients spanning the globe for over 27 years. Approaching events from a musical perspective allows LKO to provide the ultimate in modern live performance. Whether it be a live mash-up for a first dance or a unique awards presentation, LKO provides a personalized musical experience for each event. From ceremony and cocktails to dinner and dancing, our guests travel on a sonic journey that accentuates the intended emotion and vibe from scene to scene. Whether it's the delicate nuance and beauty of a classical string ensemble, or the high energy of an electrifying band/DJ combination, LKO is the ultimate compliment to your special occasion creating the unique affair you and your guests will remember for a lifetime.

LKO is also a part of the Editor's Circle for Inside Weddings.

Available For All of Your Entertainment Needs

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Solo Piano


Standard Orchestra

22 Musicians

15 Musicians

12 Musicians

9 Musicians

Add our DJ / Turntablist to any of the above for the ultimate in modern live performance!

Wedding Ceremonies

String Quartet & Harp

String Quartet

Piano, Acoustic Guitar & Violin

Piano & Violin

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Brazilian Guitar

Classical Guitar

Choral Ensembles

Gospel Choir

Solo Harp

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Classical / Latin / Americana & Brazilian Guitarists

Herald Trumpets

Steel Drums

DJ/Band Combination

Silks & Aerial Ring Acts

Backline/Sound Reinforcement

Show & Stage Production

Staging & Lighting

AAA Headliners

Raves & Reviews

I just wanted to let you know that you and your crew did the most fabulous job at our daughter's wedding at the Ritz Aug 12th. Everyone who attended Absolutely LOVED your band! You honestly made our event spectacular! Words cannot express how pleased we were with you and your crew! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing such a phenomenal job for us on their wedding day! We will be contacting you again with any future family weddings we may have!!

Ty ty ty!! You were spectacular!!


- Mike and Andrea Vennetti

Dear Larry,
Thank you for making this the night of our lives. Your orchestra absolutely CRUSHED it on every level!! We couldn't be more grateful to all of you for being the BEST and MOST TALENTED musicians in ALL OF CHICAGO! They always say the band makes the wedding, and our guests did not stop talking about how phenomenal you were. We look forward to seeing you all in a few months at Marlee's wedding and wish you all the best in 2017.


- Phil and Fara

Dear Wonderful, Talented, Charming, Fabulous Larry,
Hands down… You and your band made the entire evening! From your vocalist as Jenny walked down the aisle during the ceremony to the last song that you played, you created an atmosphere that kept every single guest dancing and in awe of every minute. We could have had Sliders, no flowers and been in a shack and it still would have been the greatest wedding ever-and thats 100% because of you!

Words cannot express our gratitude & everyone…I mean everyone commented on your unbelievabe sound. Amazing!

Love, love, love you!!

- Joni & Mark Goodman

First and most importantly, I hope that all is well with you and your families. I am sure that, in the middle of summer, you are extremely busy.

Leora and I wanted to write because now, almost 2 months removed from June 5, people are still talking about the most amazing band that was playing at the Shelomovitz/Friedman wedding. These are people who have been to MANY weddings and are not easily impressed. Needless to say, you left a lasting impression from Chicago to Pittsburgh to New York to Miami and all the way to Israel.

More importantly than that, Leora and I continue to rave about how perfectly you nailed exactly what we wanted. We had very specific requests and a very eclectic style, yet no challenge was too great for you; you got it exactly right. You guys were so much fun to be around and we loved that 30 minute meetings with you turned into 3 hour hangouts. We only hope that we are fortunate enough to be able to have the LKO experience again.

Again, thank you all for everything.

- Leora & Eli

Thank you so much for putting on an amazing “concert” this past weekend. The band was phenomenal! I must have been told 100 times that night that the band was amazing. When Lauren and I first met you, I knew our wedding was going to be special with you guys there. I personally had the best time with you guys. Letting me sing with you was amazing; plus at the end when I was singing solo, you put the Vocoder on my voice and everyone was like “I didn’t know Ricky could sing!” Mad props to you and the band. I will always recommend you to everyone who wants to crush it on their wedding night. (If they’re not up for partying then they should go with someone else.) Thanks again for being a huge part of a night we will never forget.


- Ricky & Lauren



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