Chris Siebold


Guitarist, composer, arranger, singer and producer. Some of the bands/artists he has played with include: PSYCLES, Kick the Cat, Howard Levy, Maggie Speaks, Anne Harris Band, The Renegades, Vinnie Colaiuta, Bernadette Peters, Dayna Malow Band, Andrew Ripp, Graham Czach, Soleil Moon, Sandip Burman, Cathy Richardson Band, Tributosaurus, Aaron McEvers' M5, M13, The People's Band and Congress of Musicians, Jenna Mammina, Bonnie Koloc, Blue Band, Patricia Barber, Colby Beserra, Ryan Shultz Quartet, TMS Trio, Kimotion, Rob Parton's Jazztech Big Band, and HardArt Groop. Chris is also musical director at Willow Creek Community Church (Chicago campus). He has written music for theatrical performances such as: "Notes from the Sandbox Presents A Circus of Truth" (10/04 Lipa Gallery, Chicago), "Brain Humor" (9/05, 1/06 Donny's Skybox Theater, Chicago), and Striding Lion's "The Concept Album". Chris performed in Striding Lion Inter-Arts Workshop's production of Frank Zappa's "Billy the Mountain" throughout the Spring and Summer of 2005 and has begun preparations for the production of Frank Zappa's "Joe's Garage" with members of that company.