Reared and inspired by his hometown of New York City, this Harlem native found a new home in Chicago's mid 90’s hip-hop scene and hit the ground running! Gravity was a local sensation amongst his peer group and soon signed to a record deal with the California based indie label Correct Records, a subsidiary of Grindstone Entertainment. Gravity ended up writing for Kanye West’s first industry check for production on Gravity’s album "Down to Earth" which landed both artists their first published works.

As Gravity’s career exploded, he continued to work with Kanye West and other well known celebrities like Kevin Shakespeare Briggs, no i.D., Doug Infinite, Silk, Da Brat, Arnold Hennings, Twilight Tone, DJ Newmark of Jurrassic 5, Liquid Soul, Fred Nelson, Ron Haynes, Lithuanian pop sensation Alanas Chosnau, Val Dean Entertainment and the WWE.

Gravity is the CEO of OOO Multimedium, Inc and an incredibly respected performer, producer, singer and songwriter. Advertising and jingle work include Kellogg's, McDonald's, Jeep, Anhieser Bush, Coca-Cola, Electronic Arts, Gatorade, BET, Miller Brewing company, Mattel, and a host of others.