Matt Schumacher


Matthew began his foray into music at the ripe age of 3. He started on the piano, but quickly ventured into the trumpet and drums soon thereafter. At age 13 he began mixing records, and proceeded to hold the title of 'youngest DJ in Chicago'. After playing through high school, he decided to fully commit to the electronic sound. The following years lead to gigs in both Acapulco and Cancun, along with multiple sold out shows locally in Chicago, and even a few in Europe, all before the age of 21. Coinciding with this time, Matthew was also working in the private event sector of the entertainment industry as well, both as a DJ and MC, all the while accumulating a wealth of knowledge that now dates back fifteen years. The wide variety of experience and success of Matthew's career has resulted in a varied, vast and deep wealth of musical knowledge, both in performing live and electronic music. Today he puts this accumulated knowledge to work for both the benefit of his clients and audiences alike.